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An insurance for your parts, quality, implication and delivery and delivery in each manufacturing process since 2005

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Machining factory

Specialized in the machining of parts for different sectors, with ISO 9001:20015 certification and our own quality commitment.

A key part of our commitment is the constant improvement of our means of production and an absolute involvement in the manufacturing and management processes of the entire SEGI team, with management at the head.

We have the best machinery for each type of manufacturing and highly qualified personnel for each of the processes, which allows us to make any type of part in our factory.



Polígono San Miguel
Calle Albert Einstein, Nave 5-7, 50830 Zaragoza


To be the benchmark in key sectors for the manufacture of machining, always respecting the minimum quality and requirements of each sector.


Manufacture machining parts with the highest quality in the market, creating the process tailored to each sector and customer.


Latest technology in CNC machinery. Maximum quality of the final product. Involvement in the manufacturing process of the whole team.

The quality of our machining processes

In order to work in machining and machine manufacturing at high productivity levels, it is necessary to have a wide variety of machines and tools. These must be arranged in such a way that they work on specific operations. Elements are transferred from one machine to the next until all assigned operations are completed. In addition, they are organized according to the elements that are selected to perform a programmed assembly.

Having an expert company in the machining area is vital to avoid errors in the manufacturing of machining and machinery. That is why SEGI has a quality control department that meets the needs of our customers.

Sello calidad Segi

SEGI S.L. Quality Commitment

Máquina para fabricar mecanizados Segi

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